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Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – Book Review

I felt like I was one in a small minority who had never read Twilight. It was all the rage when I was in school. The Harry Potter books had ended and Twilight swept the teen universe. I never felt like I was missing out, though recently I had been contemplating reading it for the very first time. I am about 14 years late to the party!

I jumped at the chance of joining a Tandem Collective readalong for the first book in the series, to help celebrate the release of the upcoming Midnight Sun. I was gifted a copy of the book from Little Brown Book Group to join in. Please be aware that this in no way affects my views and review of the book, so let’s dive in a little bit.

I was pleasantly surprised, I had several preconceptions about the book prior to reading just from reading and hearing other people’s opinions on the books and even on the movies (but i think that is a whole other story!

The secondary characters I found were far more interesting than the main two of Bella and Edward. Bella is relatable, though, she is uncomfortable with a lot of social interaction, likely due to her experiences at her old school and she doesn’t seem to like all of the attention she gets at her new school. Edward is handsome and a little bit mysterious. He very much tries to avoid Bella, being distant, seemingly broody. 

The story is a little slow, and for a lot of the book it seems to focus on character and relationship building. The big drama happens in maybe the last third or so of the book. We follow Bella as she moves to her father’s home, in a small town, and moves to a new school. The challenges that these types of changes offer. The main part of the story being how she gets to know more about Edward, who he is and what he can do. We get a bit of a new take on the vampire genre. The most interesting part of the book for me was discovering more about the Cullen family and how they actually became a family. The mysterious powers that some of the vampires have. My favourite character is actually Edward’s sister Alice.

The writing is not the best, it is readable and enjoyable, there is a lot of repetition of adjectives and phrases. It is fairly slow paced, up until about the last third of the book and a lot of action happens, and it really draws you in. This may put some people off. If you haven’t read the book yet (there are still people like this out there ya know!) and you like teen romance and vampires. I think you will like this. I am excited to actually carry on the series. I would love to know more about vampires and their background in this world, and I need to find out more about Jacob right? He had a glow up at the end of the book and there seemed to be some jealousy between him and Edward. Hello love triangle!

This book got 3.5 stars from me.

Take care and happy reading. Lou x

PS do I watch the movies or keep it at the books? Comment below 🙂

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