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BOOK REVIEW – Dead Ringer

Title: Dead Ringer

Author: Nicola Martin

Published: February 2020

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4/5

“Get ready to meet the other you. Just upload your photo to get started. Using the latest facial recognition software, plus your votes. MeetYourDouble will find you doppelganger. Start now.”

Is there someone in the world that looks like you? What would it be like to meet them – would they act like you; be like you?

This is what our characters Ella and Jem must think in Dead Ringer. An app where you can upload your picture, it then matches you with a number of other users who bear the most resemblance according to their software. Users of the app then vote who is most like you.

I love the concept of this book. It’s intriguing and could be somewhat realistic. Our main characters are Ella and Jem who could not be more opposite if they tried. Ella is from a small town ‘up north’, lonely, broke and struggling with who she is. Jem is from London, an aspiring actress, with wealthy family, living the party lifestyle and a drug habit.

We learn more about each character as the book develops. I was drawn into each ones life wanting to know more. It starts fairly innocent but as it’s a thriller, you know there is more to come. Each character has a past; while vastly different, they both have an impact on the story. Drama follows from their first meeting as the plot progresses. The author creates a fascinating, compelling read with twists and turns (typical thriller term, I know) throughout. The book is easy to read and to follow which I think is important in a book with more than one point of view. It’s an impressive debut, and I would certainly read more by this author.

This book was received for a book tour on Instagram and Twitter. This review is honest and in no way influenced by this. Thanks to Ruth Killick and Saraband for this copy of dead Ringer.

Happy reading, Lou x

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