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Book Discussion – Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

Hello everyone, okay so I’ve been a little MIA again. I’m really bad at keeping up with this regular posting malarkey! Anyway, update on reading – I am now part of on an online Instagram book club ‘Mad Hatters Book Club’. We are on our second month of reading together. We have a discussion post each week with questions relating to the book and themes from the book.

This month we are reading Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans. We are expanding our discussion into my blog. Also if anybody is interested in joining let me know and drop myself a message on Instagram here: @wishfulbooks.

Welcome to the third discussion on Beauty Sleep, our current #madhattersbookclub read. The story is becoming very interesting and slightly creepy…

‘Should I know her? That’s the weird thing about forgetting everything – it’s strangely calm, like sitting in the eye of a storm, in the empty spot where nothing hurts you. Until the storm touches you.’

❄️ 1. When Laura first wakes she feels like as if she knows miss lily. Why do you think this is?

❄️ 2. I was shocked when they were injected with a virus to ensure they adhered to the exeat rules (and the effect of what happened when they didn’t). But do you think there’s a place for such technology e.g. Prison etc?

❄️ 3. What are your thoughts on boarding school? Is it something you would have considered for yourself or your family? (Hogwarts!)

❄️4. Why have they taken Shem? Are they really experimenting on children?

Feel free to join in with the comments below if you’ve read it and there’s a question to join in if not read it!

Please also check out this Facebook page for Zed who runs the book club and is also an independent Usborne organiser.

Lou x

4 thoughts on “Book Discussion – Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

  1. Loving the post!

    1. I think Miss Lily has somehow brainwashed Laura into liking her. Even her perfume is hypnotic!
    2. I think there’s a place for this tech e.g. Serial offenders in prison but they should be made aware of it.
    3. Yes I would love to go Hogwarts!!!

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    1. Thank you!

      I don’t trust miss Lily, she just seems really weird and too friendly.

      It’s a little like they don’t trust the students. it reminded me of when they put the trackers on the hunger games.

      Hogwarts definitely a yes!

      I’ve not caught up on all chapters, but I think there is more to them capturing Shem. They seemed to look after him a little once he’s been captured(I’ve not got to further in Shems part)


  2. 1. I think she has seen her before possibly she was woken up before her official one? Or saw her before she went under?
    2. No I think it’s too much control and not enough freedom
    3. I don’t know if I could do boarding school. I guess uni is sort of like one? But you’re a lot older when you go so it’s easier.
    4. I think they’re experimenting the age thing maybe in case it goes wrong? But I think

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    1. I think it depends on which uni you go to but boarding school is probably for younger students so I’m guessing it’s scarier…


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