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Sharp Objects – Book Review

Title:  Sharp Objects

Author: Gillian Flynn

Published: September 2006

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction

Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Sometimes if you let people do things to you, you’re really doing it to them.”

Camille Preaker returns to her hometown as a journalist covering the murder of one young girl and the disappearance of a second. She finds herself drawn to the girls and uncovering the truth of what happened to them.

This is my second book by Gillian Flynn, I had tried reading Gone Girl in the past but had to put it down, I just could not get into it. I was a little sceptical going into Sharp Objects because of this; the premise did appear to be a lot more intriguing.

I did have difficulty, at first, getting into this book. In the first few chapters, it felt that there were parts of the story that seemed unnecessary. After reading past, I think it was chapter 5, the story picked up and I found myself unable to put the book down. Oh my is this book weird and disturbing. If you were anything like me, I thought I had solved who the murderer was only to be thrown a curve ball at the end *jawdrop*

I do thoroughly recommend this book. There are strong warnings of self harm in this book.

“People got such a charge from seeing their names in print. Proof of existence. I could picture a squabble of ghosts ripping through piles of newspapers. Pointing at a name on the page. See, there I am. I told you I lived. I told you I was.” 

3 thoughts on “Sharp Objects – Book Review

  1. I have heard of Gone Girl before and possibly read it. This one sounds very intruiging but I won’t pick it up until I am in the right headspace (thank you for the trigger warning)
    Have a good day! x


      1. You are very welcome. My day was excellent because I finished it by sitting on the sofa and reading through a few books ☺️


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