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August Wrap Up

Hello and welcome!

I swear every time I post I always say I’m going to try and be more frequent but never am. I even had two weeks off work where I could have done a little more alas no.

Anyway I’m back here for my august wrap up, it’s a little late but better late than never. I read a whopping eight books in august, which really unlike me, mostly e books again nothing like me.

Here the list and my rating and if I recommend them.  Oh who am I kidding of course I recommend them, I find it hard to stick and read a book I’m not liking!

In no particular order!

One Of Us Is Lying – Rating 5/5

Take It Back – Rating 5/5

Michaels Black Dress – Rating 4/5

Pretty Little Liars (Book One) – Rating 4/5

Flawless: Pretty Little Liars (Book Two) – Rating 4/5

The Memory Thief: City of Wishes – Rating 4/5

Shadow and Bone – Rating 4/5

Still Me – Rating 5/5

As always books are linked their good reads pages so you can find more information, ratings and reviews.

Until next time, and hopefully it won’t be a month again.

Lou x

3 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. Don’t worry about inconsistency! I think it’s great that you try. I always enjoy reading the reviews on GoodReads that you put a lot of time into. Have a good week, Lou 🙃

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