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Michael’s Black Dress – Book Review

Seventeen-year-old Michael has a secret: he likes to cross-dress. For years, this Black star of the wrestling team has kept this to himself. When his twin sister Shah walks in on him trying on her clothes, he finally confides to her that he wants to wear dresses in public. Understandably, Michael is terrified how his suburban peers will treat him. No one besides Shah knows the truth—not even Michael’s best friend, Jacob. Shah agrees to keep it a secret, but Michael’s eagerness to express himself in dress becomes stronger each day.

Michael’s Black Dress was gifted to me by the author, James Thibeault, in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

From the get go I found this book easy to read, the story just flowed. We are introduced to Michael, his twin sister Shah, his girlfriend, best friend and old friends through the story. Michael confides in his sister, and they come up with a plan together for Michael to wear dresses in public.

Others discover his secret and the reader is shown not only Michaels journey but how it affects those around him. I really like how the story is not only told from Michael’s point of view but through those around him. You get to see how Michaels joureny affects others, and other issues and challenges that they face in their own lives.

This book is a hard-hitting, moving and emotional read . It shows the struggle that someone can face being who they want to be; how bullying and the actions of others can affect you mentally and reflect in the decisions you make.

This book isn’t something I would normally pick up but I thoroughly recommend it.

“My name is Michael, and I’m wearing a dress.”

You can find more information on Goodreads, and also find the book on Amazon (both kindle and paperback). You can also follow James Thibeault on instagram.

Happy reading, and until next time. Lou x

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