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Let’s Talk About Your TBR!

Okay, so my first post in for – ev – er! I’m in a really big reading slump, and I have an ever growing TBR list (to be read for you non book nerds) I keep buying books, both physcal and e-books, I’ve also got a (slightly less so) growing list of books to read and review. It’s a little overwhelming at times.

I’ve also got a TBW (to be watched) piling up for tv shows and movies. I swear there is not enough time to get things done!

I posed a question on my instagram the other day about books to be read. Let me ask you guys as well.

What is the one book that has been on your TBR for ages, but you have not got around to reading yet?

For me, it’s The Night Circus. I received this from taking part in a book swap. I want to read this book so badly, it sounds so good, but for some reason I just keep putting it off.

This post is just a little update, to try and get me out of this blogging AND reviewing AND reading slump. I have two reviews typed and ready to post, and two more drafted and waiting to be typed up. Hopefully, I will have a new review for you in the next week.

Drop your answers to my Q in the comments below. Also if you’ve read The Night CIrcus let me know what you thought of it.

As always, happy reading, and until next time, Lou x

14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Your TBR!

  1. I have a box of Baldacci books my dad lent me that I only read 2 out of…I’ve had it a year!! Everytime I go to read one, something else pops up! I really want to finish the Will Robie series! My DVR list is out of control too…I’m just now finishing Pretty Little Liars!

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  2. The Great Alone. I have been putting it off for, what, yearS? It was so hyped up and once I start it, that’s it. There’s no going back. I’ll never be able to start it again. But, my book club picked it this month. I guess there’s no more avoiding it.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your reading slump! I’ve been in one as well. Throne of Glass and also Where The Crawdads Sing are the ones I keep putting off 🙈 I have a huge issue with reading something with SO much hype 😖

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  4. I try to keep my TBR under 30 books. If it gets over, I’ll look through it and remove the ones I’m not so fussed about anymore! The Divergent triology has been on my TBR forever and I really want to get around to it. There are mixed opinions on it… I hope I like it, though!
    Erin x


  5. I just picked up The Night Circus from the thrift shop, but one book that’s been on my shelf forever is A Darker Shade of Magic.


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