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Red Queen -Book Review

I was a little nervous about reading this book to start with; I had heard good things and a few negatives. I wasn’t disappointed though; Red Queen is an entertaining read.

Silvers are the elite with fantastic, varying powers, who rule over the Reds. The servants to the silvers, who work and live in the slums, for, want of a better word. Mare, a red and our main character, is unwillingly thrown into the silvers world after discovering a unique ability.

It’s a slow going book to start with and admittedly, it the pace only seems to quicken through the last third. The story and set up seems to come together and boom, plot twist and plot twist.

I don’t seem to relate to Mare as a character but she is still interesting to read, and at points, you do empathise with her and her family. Cal is the person who helps Mare avoid conscription by getting her a job working for the Silvers thinking he is a Red but after being forced into the world she discovers he is actually the royal prince. Despite being in a forced arrangement to Cal brother, Cal is developed as the romantic interest and you can see this developing into the next books. I did actually root for Mare and Maven, and was annoyed and angry at the end of the book, but it set up what will hopefully develop into a good villain.

 One of the description/reviews on the back of the book compared it to The Hunger Games and I found similarities through reading.

Mare = Katniss – the main character who is going to help change the world a la the Mockingjay

Kilorn = Gale – the main characters best friend who is in love with her (not mentioned in the book, but is really obvious from dialogue)

Cal = Peeta – the new guy who main character starts to fall for ignoring all the signs from her best friend.

Silvers = the capital – the rulers, the dictators

Reds = the districts – the workers, the servants

One thing I would love to see more of in the next book is more world development, learning the history of the reds and silvers more, maybe looking into why the silvers have their powers.

As always the book title is linked to the goodreads page so you can find more info and reviews. If you’ve read Red Queen, let me know what you thought down below! Until next tim, oh and remember “Anyone can betray anyone”. Lou x

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