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The Shattered Moon – Book Review

First of all a massive thank you to Alexander J Wilkinson for sending me a print copy of his book. I did receive this in exchange for an honest review.

It always amazes me when reading fantasy books how someone can create a whole new world, complete with new creatures, new lore and including things we will find familiar. This book doesn’t disappoint.

The Shattered Moon is a great introduction into the world of Celease, the world building is descriptive and you can imagine the scenery, the characters. New creatures are introduced, I have to give a special mention here to the Rootlings, in particular Sap, who I imagine is the most adorable little tree creature. Trust me, you’ll love him!

I love Shaya and Rowan’s characters, Shaya steps up to the task thrown at her straight away, while Rowan is more reluctant. A young prince who is used to having soldiers to protect him, he develops through the story and warms up to the idea he is going to have to fight. The characters are quite young compared to books I have read in the past, but while reading they seem so much more mature than their age. Rowan appears to be, kind of, averse to working with Shaya in the beginning, their friendship develops through the story, they learn to work and fight together.

It’s also refreshing in a book, that romance isn’t a main feature for the main character. Most fantasy books I have read recently focus on romance and rely on it as a main plot point.

I really do recommend this book, if you love fantasy books.

A point I have to mention after seeing a previous review on GoodReads mentions several spelling errors in the book, I do have to say, that yes, I have come across a few, however they in no way have an adverse effect on the story. I was able to gloss over them and continue reading; I didn’t not miss anything!

Happy reading, till next time, Lou x

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