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A Curse of Thorns – Book Review

Thank you to Nicole Mainardi And Spotlight Tours (formally Read and Review Tours) on Instagram for allow me a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

A Curse of Thorns is a Beauty and a Beast retelling. I’m honestly not a big Beauty and the Beast fan, there are other fairy tales and Disney films that I prefer, yet the synopsis of this book interested me.

This story puts a twist on the tale we all know, and most of you love (sorry bookstafam) Belle Fairfax is a read, she loves books and knowledge. She is a hunter. After her father leaves, Belle takes up the mantle of providing for herself and her two sisters. She doesn’t see herself as beautiful because of scars she has that she has from a wolf attack. I love how Belle is portrayed as not being conventionally beautiful, and is like so many of us in that she see her own scars as being ugly, not pretty.

Bastian is the prince and ruler of Briar. He is an arrogant ruler, doesn’t appear to care for the people of Briar and wants power. All of this leads to him becoming cursed. He must find someone who loves him for who he is, and become a better person. He rescues Belle believing her to be the person to break the curse.

Through the book, you see Bastian’s character develop from what it was before being cursed and just after. He realises why he was cursed and seeks to make himself a better person even resigning to the fact he may stay as a beast forever.

The story is set France, which is being taken over by the regime, they are forcing people to follow their rules, and books are banned unless they are regime approved. The language of French is dying out with residents being forced to learn and speak English. Some of the books mentioned, which are banned, are classics including Shakespeare. I really like the inclusion of this plot line to the book; it gives the story a more real feel to the story.

One of the important things you will take away from this book is that people are more than what they look like. Our scars define us, and our personality is an important part in knowing someone

I honestly really enjoyed this book, considering me not being a big Beauty and the Beast fan, and would recommend this.

Happy reading, and until next time! Lou x

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