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One by One – Book Review

Title: One by One

Author: Chris Carter

Published: August 2013, Simon and Schuster UK

Genre: Thriller

This is my 7th Chris Carter book, though it’s the 5th one in the Robert Hunter series. I did actually start reading these books out of order, so I’m working my way through them in order!

My oh my, Chris Carter has done it again. This book is fast paced and well written. The chapters are short and snappy, they keep you interested. The story is kept fresh by switching from Hunter’s point of view, to his partners, to the killers, to vitims and to others involved in the investigation.

This book is dark and gruesome. The killer is broadcasting the murders online for the public to watch and even help decide the victim’s fate. A sick and twisted reality show. It is an insight into how dark humans can be.

The revelation is one that you can understand why and their motives for this. Chris Carter has a way with words; he can build tension and fear.

If you like thrillers, then I recommend picking up a book by Chris Carter.

“Really? We always have a choice, do we? What about the choices that other people make that end up completely changing your life, not theirs? Where is our choice there, then?”

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