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The Chalk Man Review

Title: The Chalk Man

Author: C J Tudor

Genre: Mystery; Thriller; Fiction

Publication Date: 9th January 2018

*TRIGGER WARNING* for this book

“The thing you have to understand is that being a good person isn’t about singing hymns, or praying to some mystical, god. It isn’t about wearing a cross or going to church every Sunday. Being a good person is about how you treat others. A good person doesn’t need a religion, because they are content within themselves that they are doing the right thing.” 

The Chalk Man is story told by Eddie and it alternates between the past, 1986, and the present, 2016, he tells us the story of himself and his five friends (al la IT).

A tragic accident shows our main character how quickly life can change. A gruesome discovery leads to a shocking murder investigation. They learn actions have consequences.

2016, 30 years later, our main character is still in the same village and finds himself drawn back to the murder and the events of the past and uncovering the truth.

The Chapters seamlessly flow from one to another, past to present. Developments in the present lead to more being revealed and remembered from the past. I found this book was unputdownable, suspense was built throughout and I was left guessing until the very end. There are some parts, which tugged at my heartstrings, and I felt myself tearing up.  There are a couple of scenes one features bullying and the other self-harm which could be triggers.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense/mysteries/thrillers (delete as appropriate)

“None of it was true but rumours are like germs. They spread and multiply almost in a breath and before you know it, everyone is contaminated.”

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