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The Godfather by Mario Puzo Review

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.- Don Corleone”

The Godfather is an intricate tale of loyalty, betrayal, revenge and family. This novel is separated into several books within it, each book focusing on a ley point in the story. Puzo manages to create characters that you can empathise with despite their criminal nature. In real life, these people are what you would call criminals and you would most likely think that these people lack morals. In The Godfather, these characters have morals, though they are somewhat questionable. The Corleone family support and stick up for one another, when some takes aim at them they group together and retaliate.

Through the beginning of the book, you are introduced to many characters: the Corleone family, the capo’s in the regime and others including bodyguards and significant others. It can be quite hard to follow, I found myself struggling to remember who’s who. The introduction of these characters is necessary to the intricate nature of the plot. This is an epic story, and is a definite must read. I cried, I loved, I laughed and I hated.

I now have the movies to watch, I hope they are as magnificent as the book (or as well as a movie adaptation can do)

“Italians have a little joke, that the world is so hard a man must have two fathers to look after him, and that’s why they have godfathers.”

Lou @ Wishful Books Reviews

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