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April Monthly Wrap Up

Yes, this is something you are going to see a lot the next few days, it is something everyone likes to post. Here is a quick summary of the books I have read in April. I did hit a bit of a reading slump, but did managed to squeeze a couple more books in before… Continue reading April Monthly Wrap Up

Book Reviews

Shatter Me – Book Review *spoiler alert*

โ€œAll I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.โ€  I heard good things about this book online. I found a set of the first four for a bargain price, despite my ever-growing pile of TBR books I picked them up. The book… Continue reading Shatter Me – Book Review *spoiler alert*

Book Reviews

The Extinction Trials – Book Review

"Everything they'd been told about dinosaurs was a complete and utter lie. Unintelligent creatures didn't track you for thousands of sectars across a continent. Creatures who only acted on instinct didn't know how to put out fires. Tiny-brained dinosaurs didn't put themselves in harms way to save a human life." An image taken for my… Continue reading The Extinction Trials – Book Review